Principal's Message

Prof. Yogendra Singh
MGM PG College, Sambhal

I as a principal of M.G.M (P.G) College, Sambhal congratulate all the students of this college for being a part of this institution. As I have been appointed head of this institution recently in Nov, 2021 but still I assure you that in future I will try my level best to improve the image of this college according to your beliefs and expectations. In this perspective, I took initiative to start various new programmes in the institution under my supervision, such as, fresher’s workshop, vocational training camps for girls, Alumni Meetings, Parents meeting, college wall-magazine, a quarterly published newsletter and a full Independence- Day celebration week. My aim is to increase the highly educated members, full of knowledge, awareness and moral values in the society which is also the vision of this institution.

My primary mission is to bring the students, teachers and parents together and to maintain a link between them so that by mutual understanding and cooperation we can try to improve the condition of classroom- education such as, presence of students in their classes, their academic performance and their participation in extracurricular activities.

I have also started some combined programmes such as, a joint seminar of Hindi and Urdu language so that the students of two different languages can come together and work on a topic not as individuals but as a team.

My dream is to make this institution, a place, where each and every student without any difference of caste, creed, religion and community will be provided the opportunity to obtain higher education for his/her all rounded development.

As the head of this institution, I am committed for the progress of this institution and I assure my students that I ensure to provide a friendly, supportive and safe environment through various measures and will try to make the campus a zero- tolerance- campus for ragging, sexual harassment and smoking. Exciting times are ahead of us and I hope you to choose to be a part of our continuing success.

All the best!